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CEO of TRG Arts, a renowned international, data-driven change agency and a ColoradoBIZ Top 100 Women-Owned Company

I’m musing about creativity in the arts and cultural sector right now…in fact, I’m a little preoccupied by it. In my last post I asked, “Do we lack the creative environment required to fuel the sector’s pandemic recovery? In a way that matches its fullest, most brilliant possibilities?”

I think the answer is “yes, we do lack the creative environment necessary.” And even with the many individual and organizational examples of creativity produced during the pandemic, I still think the answer is “yes.” So, I’m digging into why I think this, and I’ve invited you to join me.

First, I…

I’ve had a front row seat for a year.

It’s funny, because seats are definitely a thing in my professional life…maybe even a denominator in much of my lived experience. Prior to the pandemic, I was obsessed with seats. At TRG Arts, the global arts consulting company I own and operate, we’ve spent 25 years helping clients make seats attractive…pricing them, packaging them…creating demand for them. As a consulting professional, I bought airline seats way too often and arts events seats more than most. I became skilled with seats.

But how often would I have described my seat as “front…

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